Air-Tel© Patient-reported outcome App Features

Empowering Patients and Users

The new revolution in healthcare

The patient participation is a key point for a study success.
Modern technologies today allow things that were impossible just a few years ago. Not only are the patients actively involved into the study, but also, thanks to mobile apps that run on their smartphones, they can have immediate benefits.
We developed our Patient App with this focus in mind: give the patients a facilitating environment they will like to use.

Easy Data Input for Patients

Easy Data Input for Patients

The Patient App (designed specifically for each e-CRF) allows for direct and simple patient data input with just a few clicks either in text mode or in graphical mode.
Traceability of each patient's input is guaranteed and recorded directly into the e-CRF.

Full E-Crf Integration

Every input (both by the Clinician via the e-CRF or by the Patient via the Patient App) is recorded into the central project database undergoing the same set of checks and constraints put in place for the whole e-CRF.
Clinicians will be able, in real time, to read and if needed edit, all the fields, granting the correctness of all clinical data captured.

Full E-Crf Integration
Real time feed back to the patient

Real-time feedback to the patient

Participating patients will be able to review updated data at any time (limited to the set of data allowed by the project protocol). The app can also push notifications such as the next action to be undertaken or the next follow-up scheduled by the Clinician.

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