Air-Tel e-CRF®

Your best choice for Electronic Data Capture since 2000

 Why choose Air-Tel e-CRF®

Intuitive and easy to use

Air-Tel e-CRF® is the result of 24 years of operational experience with Clinicians.

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Fast and reliable

Air-Tel e-CRF® is completely web-based. It is fast, reliable and accessible by any device with an internet connection.

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Air-Tel e-CRF® has been refined and perfected over more than 100 real clinical projects.

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Real-time statistics

Real-time statistic allows Clinicians and Sponsors to gain immediate knowledge of the study's progress.

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Cutting-edge Technology

We use the best and up-to-date technologies to face the challenges of an ever evolving digital world.

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Patient-reported outcome

Air-Tel e-CRF® fully integrates with tailored patient app to directly accept diary and QoL data.

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 Certified and Validated 

 A complete and multi-purpose scalable set of features 

Simple and Intuitive
Guided Fill-in Routes
Intelligent Management of the Units of Measurement
Data Entry Validity Check
Centralised On-line Randomization
Real-time Statistics
Powerful Query Management
Safety and Integration Monitoring
Customizable Alerting Systems
Real-Time Data Export
Multilingual instant change

 Some of our customers 

Whenever investigators' opinions matter

The real utility of an e-CRF in reducing the costs of a clinical trial is to increment in a timely fashion, the efficiency and quality of data gathered. This depends on a crucial factor: the effective use by Research Investigators. For this reason, it is important to gather the opinions and insights of those who have used the system. At Air-Tel, we are particularly proud of what Research Investigators tell us about our software and our services.

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