Air-Tel e-CRF® Technology

Field-tested technology

for the best performances

Our technical choices, made throughout years of experience, have proven highly successful and ensure that all Air-Tel e-CRFs® are always accessible, fast and reliable.

Web based E-Crf

Web-based e-Crf

Air-Tel e-CRF® are served via SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you can access Air-Tel CRFs via any internet-enabled device, with no additional software or plug-ins.

Optimized for quick response with limited bandwidth or obsolete computers.

Sometimes organizations can't keep up with the demands of a very fast growing digital world. here in Air-Tel we know that, and for this reason Air-Tel e-CRF® E-Crf are designed in such a way that even obsolete computers or devices will respond immediately.

Optimized for quick response
Reliable and secure transmission

Reliable and secure transmission of sensitive data

Confidentiality and Integrity of sensitive data is guaranteed through strong security protocols (HTTPS, TLSv1.2).

Your data is secure with us

Your data is kept secure in our self-hosted data center, located in northern Italy. High security measures (both physical and digital) are in place to prevent data loss and leaks. Complete redundant backups and disaster recovery plan guarantee the Availability, Integrity and Consistency of your data. The most sophisticated and powerful encryption techniques are used to ensure an extremely high level of security (full encryption at rest, columns encryption, pseudoanonimization).

Secure Data
Passionate about technology

Passionate about technology

Here at Air-Tel we love to learn new things! This is why we spend a considerable amount of time in training and learning, to provide you with great E-Crf and applications, built with modern tools and technologies.

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